Trattoria Taverniti

591 College St

Trattoria Taverniti is a cozy and quaint spot on College Street in the heart of Little Italy. The exposed brick walls and red-and-white checkered tablecloths make you feel as if you hopped on a plane and landed in Italy. It is a very simple and family-friendly restaurant that is quite welcoming. Trattoria Taverniti takes pride in its food and service through their family values and you will know right away when you take that first bite in any of their dishes.trattoria-taverniti-toronto-interior-yyz-magazine

One hidden secret about this restaurant is the homemade sauce. The recipe is an extensive 4-hour process that uses simple ingredients and will leave you licking the plate afterwards. It’s used as the base for many of their antipasti and main dishes. Trattoria is known for their traditional pizzas and homemade pastas but there are many other items at this restaurant that you need to try, especially since everything is fresh.


The pizza is different than any kind you have tasted in the city and they take pride in being unique. The recipe for the pizza dough orginated from Calabria over 100 years ago and has been passed down the generations. The pizzas are cooked in a stone oven with a thin crust that stays firm and crispy for hours. The Calabrese is a signature dish at Taverniti with spicy ‘Nduja, soppressata, black olives along with drizzled honey for that sweetness.


For dessert you must try the homemade Tiramisu; espresso soaked Savoiardi cookies with layers of mascarpone cream and cacao.


Affogato; homemade vanilla ice cream smothered in a shot of espresso.